Martin Nachbar

PhD Candidate (associated)

Since he graduated from the SNDO in 1996, Martin Nachbar has worked as a dancer and performer for companies and choreographers such as Les Ballets C. de la B., Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmen and Meg Stuart. In 1999, Alice Chauchat, Thomas Plischke and Martin founded the collective B.D.C. Among other pieces they made affects/rework. For this, Martin reconstructed Dore Hoyer’s solo dance cycle Affectos

Humanos from 1962. He wrote several articles about this process, which were published in several dance and performance magazines. Since then he writes regularly about his work. Martin’s pieces are often described as playful approaches to very diverse themes. When working he likes to take a curious research approach. Since 2004 Martin has made more than 20 dance performances. Since 2006 he has been closely collaborating with the dramaturge Jeroen Peeters. In 2010, Martin received a master’s degree from the Amsterdam Master of Choreography. Since his collaboration with Jochen Roller on the piece mnemonic nonstop in 2005, Martin has been concernced with modes of walking in the city. In his PhD project he works on possibilities of bodily and performative constitutions of space through choreographed walking in the city.

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