Lecture by Chantal Mouffe

Chantal Mouffe: Critical Artistic Practices as Counter-Hegemonic Interventions 

27.06.2013, 7 pm, Kunstverein Hamburg

The artistic-academic postgraduate research programme „Assemblies and Participation: Urban Publics and Performance” asks what role performance and media-based arts can play in the context of new urban movements of democratisation. In cooperation with the Kunstverein Hamburg we have now invited Chantal Mouffe to talk about „Critical Artistic Practices as Counter-Hegemonic Interventions“.

Chantal Mouffe defines public space as a battle field, on which diverse hegemonial projects are confronted with each other – without the possibility for conciliation. Central to her theories and to her lecture is the differentiation between antagonism – a „we / they“ relation, in which both sides are enemies without sharing any common ground – and agonism – a „we / they“ relation, in which both parties realize that there is no rational solution for their conflict, but do not deny the legitimacy of their opponent.

According to Mouffe, critical artistic practices can play an important role in the subversion of the dominant hegemony in this so-called ‚agonistic’ model of public space. They create spaces of resistance that enable social criticism and radical politics.

Chantal Mouffe is professor for Political Theory and director at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in London. She is editor of “Dimensions of Radical Democracy. Pluralism, Citizenship, Community” (1992), co-author (with Ernesto Laclau) of „Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics“ (1985), author of „The Democratic Paradox“ (2000) and „On the Political“ (2005).

Lecture will be in English.

In cooperation with Kunstverein Hamburg.